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Cause and Effect

Prime Suspect – S1 – E5. Continuity mistake : When Charlie Epps is writing a quadrillion on the whiteboard, the writing alternates between shots. Most noticably when he first writes it down, there is a significant downward tendency of the groups. In the next shot, they are pretty much horizontal. Also the shapes of the commas alter. Waste Not – S3 – E9.

Numb3rs, Charlie Eppes/Amita Ramanujan, Charlie’s bisexuality has never Numb3rs, David Sinclair/Colby Granger, the date started out as a.

User Name: Remember Me? Charlie: You’ve met her before, she’s not my girlfriend. I’m her thesis advisor. Alan: Ohh Charlie: It’s Alan: Well screw the rules. What’s more important, learning or love? Amita: Besides I realized how much I like being here. Charlie: So you’d do your work here. Amita: Of course I’d have a different advisor.

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Amita Ramanujan, Ph. Over the course of the series, she has become a professor at CalSci and has since become romantically involved with her former thesis advisor, Dr. Charlie Eppes David Krumholtz. She was first introduced in ” Pilot “. In the first season, she received a doctorate in computational mathematics with Charlie Eppes as her thesis adviser at CalSci, the same institution where she currently holds a faculty position. Because of this association with Charlie, she assists him with various mathematical problems offered through his connection to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and frequently helps him see cases in a new light.

jlm is a fanfiction author that has written 40 stories for Numb3rs, and Big 3 – Favs: 7 – Follows: 2 – Published: Mar 24, – Charlie E., Amita R. – Complete if Charlie decided to take drastic action after his dad started dating Millie?

The actress recently talked to TV Guide about that part and the Numb3rs series finale. It all got wrapped up too quickly. All that was really important was for the two of them to end up together. Rob Morrow said we were lucky we even had a month to pull a finale together. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. My son is now going for his PhD in math and he was so motivated by Numb3rs.

The series final should have had a grand wedding. I think Navi Rawat is a super incredible actress, I applaud her character. I had teary eyes when she got kidnapped. She had me glued to the series. I was just happy she and Charlie got married. She deserved a super glamorous wedding, I would have been more satisfied. So now I feel empty.

Tv show Numb3rs? When does Charlie start dating Amita?

I get really mad at Charlie when he looks at women other than Amita. Charlie was apathetic about it at best. And that whole thing with Charlie and Amita and the misdemeanor and her diary was probably the first moment in their relationship in five seasons that I have truly hated. Like completely hated. It had just never come up before.

Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the Numb3rs movie on Charlie, when you’re working on human problems, there’s going to be pain Look, it’s my first date in over thirty-five years; I would like memorable instead of low-key. Just you remember Amita’s a sharp mathematician, so no matter how hard.

Numb3rs is an American police procedural television series on the CBS network. The show also features their father, Alan Eppes , played by Judd Hirsch. Charlie uses math to help Don solve crimes for the FBI. At the start of the series he has only recently transferred to LA after being the Agent in Charge of the Albuquerque office; he wanted to be closer to his family during the illness of his mother and stayed after her death.

Don’s brother, Charlie Eppes , is a math genius and former child prodigy; he is a professor of mathematics at CalSci University a fictional Cal Tech , and contracts with the FBI to help his brother’s team. He still lives with their father, Alan , in the family home. Don and Charlie had a difficult relationship growing up, largely due to the pressure put on the family by Charlie’s genius.

The brothers’ working relationship was a step towards their reconciliation. Other themes included Charlie’s budding relationship with Amita, romantic tension between Don and Terry the first of Don’s many workplace flirtations or more , and Don’s reserved temperament. Don dates Robin Brooks. Amita and Charlie, after the slowest dating relationship ever, finally get together. Larry is gone to the International Space Station for much of the season.

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After overcoming multiple kidnappings, outside entanglements and disapproving families, Numb3rs ‘ Charlie David Krumholtz and Amita Navi Rawat are finally getting their happy ending. Earlier this season, CBS’ math-driven procedural had its episode order reduced by six hours. Judy Greer lands a role alongside David Krumholtz in Fox’s Tax Man The wedding kicks off the episode, leaving plenty of time to solve one potentially last crime.

Don Rob Morrow loses his gun when making an arrest, and it’s used soon after in a double murder.

During the interrogation of Henry, Colby says, “Start telling us what we want to On Charlie’s date with Amita, they end up talking about ______ even though.

Charlie Eppes: Larry, something went wrong, and I don’t know what, and now it’s like I can’t even think. Larry Fleinhardt: Well, let me guess: you tried to solve a problem involving human behavior, and it blew up in your face. Larry Fleinhardt: Okay, well, Charles, you are a mathematician, you’re always looking for the elegant solution.

Human behavior is rarely, if ever, elegant. The universe is full of these odd bumps and twists. You know, perhaps you need to make your equation less elegant, more complicated; less precise, more descriptive. It’s not going to be as pretty, but it might work a little bit better. Charlie, when you’re working on human problems, there’s going to be pain and disappointment. You gotta ask yourself, is it worth it? Charlie Eppes: Well, certainly people who have failed to solve it might think that.

Charlie Eppes: Don’t do what, Don?

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This season on Numb3rs , Charlie and Amita’s relationship reaches a turning point following Charlie’s proposal, and Don continues to struggle with the repercussions of his attack from last season. Meanwhile, Larry searches for new meaning in his life, while Alan finds an unexpected new venture. View in iTunes. An assasination attempt is made on the life of Benjamin Polk, a high-profile political activist. Don and the team go on a manhunt to protect Polk and stop the sniper.

Don and Charlie investigate the murder of a judge’s wife who was gunned down late at night on a secret project that involved the carbon dating of an object. Amita also helps out by communicating with the teen, who is from the same Don fears the thieves may be terrorists out to start or advance a bio-warfare program.

Inspired by actual events, the drama follows an FBI agent who recruits his mathematical genius brother to help the Bureau solve a wide range of challenging crimes in Los Angeles. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Start Your Free Trial. New subscribers only. Don and the team must protect high-profile activist Benjamin Polk at a political rally, but it soon becomes a manhunt when they search for a sniper trying to kill Polk.

Also, Charlie awaits an answer from Amita, on the sixth season premiere. Friendly Fire.

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David knocks him down. David, and the rest of the FBI and police teams start looking for the his father informs Don that Charlie blew his first date with Amita.

Hi all, I’ve only just started watching the first season of Numb3rs and got an immediate bad feeling about Amita. Going from what I’ve read about season two and three, this feeling isn’t unjustified. Ofcourse this leaves me doubting if I should actually continue watching beyond season one? I don’t know if any of you ever watched The Sentinel years ago, but for those who did, Amita reminds me of Maya. Anyway, I hope it’s ok to ask this here but does anyone know of any anti-amita fanfic?

Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Even after Numb3rs is over, I still rewatch it and have a fiery hate towards Amita. Particularly when watching Convergence. She wanted to show oblivious Charlie she was interested, and Charlie took notice and even when their date went awkward he didn’t give up trying. First with the tickets, which is a highly thoughtful gesture that he mentioned to her which she choose to not say anything, even though Charlie has always expressed interest in her, and then lets him down without so much as a word with “I have something planned I didn’t believe you get them anyway.

Then you decided to go out with the guy afterwords, which even before this you go out with him and blab about Charlie as if you even have a right too.

Numb3rs S03, Ep19 – Pandora’s Box

Numb3rs Episode Guide – inaf iasf bologna. They like him, but. The murders continue, and Charlie becomes increasingly frustrated at the fact. Finally, he comes up with a revised equation that sends the agents. Terry is looking around outside and discovers a fourteenth victim; she is.

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Full name : Amita Ramanujan. Spoken dialog will take precedence in canon. She grows up with several members of her extended family living with her grandparents and at least one uncle. Her parents move back to India in to consult with the Indian Ministry of Finance. Amita builds her first computer from scratch when she is thirteen. She has at least one job during her high school years working at The Gap clothing store.

She states she was active in sports during high school intramural events. She is arrested at a Pink Floyd concert when her boyfriend is caught with a joint. She is surprised when Charlie seems to takes the fact she withheld the information as something more serious. She receives her PhD for her thesis on combinatorics in early and decides to research a second PhD in Astrophysics.

In early , she is awarded the 85th annual Milton Prize for her dissertation work. Her thesis adviser for her computer science degree is Dr. Charlie Eppes, her adviser for her Astrophysics degree is Dr. She has recently started teaching classes for Dr Kepler dealing with the structure and dynamics of galaxies.

NUMB3RS – If I told you that, I’d have to kill you.

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