People who are offended by ‘Indian Matchmaking’ prove its point

Its roots can possibly be traced back to colonialism and to some extent the caste system but attempts to create awareness and distance from it are equally a reality in the 21st century context. The Black Lives Matter movement is largely responsible for a renewed sense of global social awakening over the issue, triggering a somewhat decisive shift in the debate. Corporates can now be seen addressing some racial injustices head-on and implementing changes, with prominent Global Indian voices speaking up about colourism on social media. Growing up in Mumbai, Seema Hari was all too aware of her skin tone, mostly because society around her served as a constant reminder through bullying and harsh remarks. For Hari, from taking the comments about her skin colour to heart to discarding South Asian distorted ideals of beauty to find self-acceptance is a journey that took many years. I have been very aware of my skin colour, either because I got bullied or got told off. Thus, positioning themselves as the saviour of somebody who was focused on women empowerment since the beginning. And actors saying the revolution is here.

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Dirty Jobs of the Victorian Era – Matchmaking it was reported that the collapsing bone and skin would glow – it was said that on some nights.

Daniell Davis was trying to fix Joe Homan up with one of her friends, but as it turned out his friend was the real matchmaker — he set Daniell up with Joe. A girl she met on the job told her about another co-worker she really wanted to go out with, and Daniell did her best to get them together. Daniell pumped one guy they worked with for information about the one her friend was interested in; the guy she questioned was Rob, Joe’s best friend — and Joe was the object of her interest.

He and Daniell didn’t always work at the same time, nor did they work in the same part of the store. She worked at the register and Joe worked on the sales floor. Joe had, in fact, chatted with the girl Daniell was trying to set him up with. He wasn’t interested in that girl, but Daniell’s attempts at talking with him about her piqued his interest in Daniell. I got to see her from the viewpoint of how she was with other people and she was just very genuine,” he says.

It seemed like every time I saw her she had it pulled back,” he remembers.

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So the whole family is sitting around and basking in each other’s warm glow which is usually the start of a conflagration as the glow sparks an argument , when the Indian Matchmaking series wriggles its way into the discussion. It’s this big show on Netflix and you either like it, hate it, or love to hate it or hate to love it. I say, of course not, we met through a friend, Mum went gaga the moment she met me and there was no looking back.

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Indian Matchmaking: Tackling the different shades of colourism

Skip navigation! Story from Best of Netflix. I do not typically spend time watching reality TV , which might surprise some considering I was once on a reality show. Given my own experience and ethnic background, I wanted to love the show and be supportive, but to me the series fell flat and overly simplified and stereotyped what it means to be Indian.

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The notion of teaching them to adjust is at the crux of her process, as she works with entire families to find the right partner for their would-be brides and grooms. In some ways, the show is a modern take on arranged marriage, with contemporary dating horrors like ghosting and lacking the skills for a meet-up at an ax-throwing bar.

But issues of casteism, colorism and sexism, which have long accompanied the practice of arranged marriage in India and the diaspora, arise throughout, giving viewers insight into more problematic aspects of Indian culture. As an Indian-American girl growing up in Upstate New York, one part of my culture that was especially easy to brag about was weddings.

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The first time New Zealand resident Harsharin Kaur visited India, the country of her ancestors, as an adult, she was struck by the amount of pressure there was for people to change the colour of their skin. All this in a country whose population is far more likely to be dark-skinned — a necessary protection against the harsh UV rays from the Sun that come with living closer to the equator.

The form of discrimination that favours light-skinned members of the same ethnic group is known as colourism. A widely discussed phenomenon in black communities , colourism has been, until recently, barely spoken of in South Asian circles, despite the amount of trauma and even death it has left in its wake. Colourism remains a phenomenon in black communities, as evidenced by this advertisement for skin-whitening products in the Ivory Coast Credit: Getty Images.

But the May killing of George Floyd that sparked worldwide protests and conversations surrounding anti-racism has brought about a social awakening for people in South Asian countries and their diasporas. A new Netflix reality series called Indian Matchmaking also has sparked significant debate after its protagonist, a globe-trotting Indian woman who hunts down potential spouses for her clients, put lighter-skinned women and men on a pedestal, championing their complexion as an obviously desirable attribute.

In the wake of these protests and continued highlighting of discriminatory ideals in pop culture, more and more people have begun to denounce colourist ideals and the products that espouse them. Some companies have responded. It is — after all — still on the shelves. I commend them because it was probably one of the most recognisable brands. While much more research needs to be done, several studies have pointed out the damage caused by colourism.


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support matchmaking in the same way the Competitive playlist does. This glow will fade after one week, and to refresh it, you’ll need to go.

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Each time you win a match, you’ll earn a stamp of sorts on your ticket. Likewise, losing will earn you a stamp. You play until you win seven matches or lose three matches, and then you receive rewards based on your performance. Players are also matched against each other based on the progress of their ticket, so if you’re on six wins, expect to play against people who are around six wins.

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